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Below you may read some answers to frequently asked questions or contact us now. For more info on how to schedule a class, our approach, locations and teachers check out the main subject pages for Languages, Translations, On set, Academics, Test prep, Music, Art and Kids.

What makes you different?

1) Strommen is founded by a teacher for teachers. Our rates are low for students but the highest in town for our teachers.  That makes us the happiest, most dedicated professionals around. We cultivate and help independent teaching professinonals to be successful.

2) We don’t have a physical location. Our classroom is everywhere. We probably have a teacher close to you!

3) As a student, you will enjoy free resources like Podcasts, Videos, Software, Meetups that add to your learning experience.

4) At Strommen your teacher is dedicated to your learning, but so is our staff. You can trust us to help you with anything that comes up.

5) We are flexible. You can cancel classes with your teacher with 24 hours notice, or even change teachers or subjects.

6) We have a mission. We aren’t just some agency. We want to help people to communicate globally. We feel that the world will benefit from more education, communication and understanding. Join us and Globalize Yourself!

What are your teachers’ qualifications?

Strommen has a very rigorous selection process in which we select only the most professional, dedicated, and talented independent teaching professionals. While many of our teachers have degrees in the field or even university-level teaching experience, at Strommen we believe in having many different kinds of teachers for many different kinds of students. You can read more about individual teachers in their profiles.

Should I buy Rosetta stone?

No, save your money and use Duolingo for free. Then call us when you want to learn how to speak with other humans! Joking aside,  languages have always been about human to human interaction. Software can help, but nothing beats the real thing. As a Strommen student you will have access to many free resources and events to help you along the way.

Why not use one of those other sites to find a tutor?

Those other sites have little or no screening process. Strommen interviews all of our independent teachers in person to get a sense of their teaching style, personality and professionalism. At Strommen, we only accept the best independent teachers. Read on for more info about out teachers’ qualifications below. You will also get the full support of the Strommen staff.  Strommen teachers also provide the most flexible policies and the best customer service.

How much can I learn in 10 hours?

We compare 10 hours of 1 on 1 classes to a semester at a traditional school. If you focus and dedicate yourself we have seen some students achieve great things in as little as 10 hours. Alternately, if you need a little extra help in the beginning, with private classes you will never get left behind.

How many hours a week should I do?

We recommend 2 hours a week to make faster progress. You a will make a plan with your teacher using the Strommen syllabus that fits your goal, budget and pace. Most of our students meet once per week because it is more economical, but make sure you have some time for HW in between classes!

How often can I meet?

We recommend meeting as much as possible but we know that many of our students have busy schedules. We can make a plan to help you achieve your goals around any schedule. If you ever feel that your teacher cannot accommodate your schedule make sure to let us know and we will make sure that you get what you need.

You don’t have a location? Where do I meet? Can they come to me?

Strommen is everywhere! Why meet in a boring classroom to listen to a lecture? Our students meet teachers at their own independent locations. We probably have a teacher close to you. From French in a garden in Los Feliz to German at the biergarten. We can also bring the learning environment to your home or office (usually about $20 more hourly). We even offer classes in a virtual classroom if you live far away from each other (some of our teachers are abroad!)

Can we call the teacher and talk before we meet?

Here at the Strommen office, we specialize in helping you choose a teacher, providing information, and helping you to get a great start. After we set up your first class you will have your teacher’s contact info and you are more than welcome to get in touch. Call us for more info!

Why is it so expensive?

The rate is actually low for 1 on 1 and it allows our teachers a living wage. If you find a lower rate, keep in mind you get what you pay for! Our hand-picked teachers are the best in LA and our entire staff is dedicated to your success and enriching your learning experience. Check out all the benefits of Strommen here.

How do I pay?

You can pay by check or via credit card by phone or on our website here. All of the info for payment will be in your new class confirmation email.

Can I take a class with a friend?

Of course! As long as you feel that you are about the same level and have similar goals, we can set up a semi-private class for you. The rate is also lower if you take classes with a friend or family member. It is only $25 more to add one person (per hour), or $15 more per person if you are family members.

Will I have to buy my own texts? Does it include materials?

Yes, you will have to purchase some materials. But at Strommen we don’t sell texts, we just point you in the direction of the best deal online. All of that info will be in your confirmation email. Keep in mind, we recommend waiting until after your first class to purchase texts as our teachers have their own preferences.

How many hours a week should I do? / How long are the classes?

All of our classes are customized to your goals, availability, budget, interests and level. We recommend taking more than 1 hour per week, but most of our students meet once per week as this often provides the best value. The first class is also usually 1 hour long, but if you feel a longer format is better for you, you can always make your class longer. When meeting once per week we highly recommend doing self-study and homework throughout the week to keep the pace of your progress up.  If you don’t want to do any work on your own time, you need to schedule more classes.

What can I get from private classes that I can’t get from group?

A private class is tailored to your needs, level and schedule. In a group class the pace is either as fast as the most advanced student or as slow as the least advanced.
At Strommen the curriculum advances at your pace, whether fast or slow, in the areas you need help with. In a group class the schedule is fixed. If you miss a class, you end up behind. There is a trade-off for convenience and price. Our private classes, which are actually pretty affordable, can be cancelled and rescheduled with 24 hours notice and you never miss a class or get left behind.

How long until I become fluent?

There are 10 strommen levels. Level 0 means you are just getting started and level 10 is completely fluent (and well educated at that!). It is hard to say exactly how long it will take you as private classes advance at your pace, however we estimate it will take about 10 hours for each level. Your teacher will help you to access your current level, as well as your target level and help you to make a plan to get there.

Can I really learn in a Starbucks?

Our teachers meet everywhere! We think that practicing your skills in a public environment will give you real-world experience and confidence. Our teachers choose the locations carefully to ensure they are suitable for class. If you want to change the location or have any feedback make sure to let us know!

Can  you teach my child?

Absolutely! We have teachers that specialize in teaching younger students. We currently work with elementary schools like Mount Washington, preschools like Camelot Kids, and high schools like New Roads to provide language classes. We also specialize in in-home classes for kids of all ages. See our Kids section for more info. Please note that classes for students under the age of 18 need to be scheduled at your location, and we ask that there always be parental supervision.