What Language are You Interested in Learning?

Languages are about people. Knowing how to speak multiple languages allows you to connect, learn, and share with other human beings. See how we can help you to achieve your language goals. Choose your language to start the journey.

Globalize Yourself!

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We believe it’s fundamentally wrong to really learn a language from a text book, audio CD, or computer program. It’s time to get away from the computer, grab a coffee and meet your Strommen teacher to have a real conversation!

Strommen has specialized in affordable language classes in Los Angeles for over 5 years. Founded by teachers and run by teachers, Strommen is global but also local! In fact, we bet there’s a Strommen teacher right down the street from you. Your teacher will meet you at home, a cafe, office, or anyplace you like. In fact, you can even meet your teacher thousands of miles away on a Strommen Travel immersion class!

Call us Monday through Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm at 323 638 9787 or Contact Us! You can also enroll in Group Classes Here