Strommen Student Benefits

Happy Teachers:

Strommen is a teacher co-op of independent teaching professionals. This means that you get professional classes, close to you, for the best rates. It also means our teachers get paid more than at any other traditional school.

The Strommen Method:

Our teachers create a course that’s perfect for you. There are 10 Strommen levels that correspond to government and EU standards. As a Strommen student you will learn how to speak, write and read properly, but you will also learn the necessary slang, culture and dialects to truly communicate like a native.


If needed, you can swicth teachers and subjects at any time with our private classes, also reschedule and cancel when you need to with 24 hours notice. Use your hours when you want to. You have 6 months with 10 hour packages and 1 year for 20 hour packages.

Real-World Locations:

Your Strommen classes aren’t in a boring classroom, rather, you will learn the language in the comfort of your home or office or in a real-world setting. You will enjoy meeting your teacher in unique and often social environments that our teachers choose.

Earn Free Classes with Strommen Student Rewards:

Do you love taking classes with Strommen? Have a friend that would love it too? Or do you have a friend that would make a great teacher? You can get a free class! Just make sure your friend gives us your name when they fill out their info here. You can also fill out the info for them.
Once your friend signs up for 10 hours we will credit you with a free class! Easy as that!


Free strommen podcasts, videos, online resources and more coming soon in the student area (2014)


Free Meetups to practice your skills and meet other students


Highly trained & vetted independent professional teachers. Our students pay less, but our teachers make up to 5X more than at other schools. What does that tell you?